SHIT JUST GOT REAL is a triumvirate of PC gaming enthusiasts with a knack for staying abreast in the various modding scenes of their favourite titles.  SJGR was founded by Knots in late 2010 after moving his Morrowind Modding Guide off of the late Encyclopedia Dramatica Forums to its new home on this blogspot.  He is joined by Lusit and RobertPaulson and together they continue to create modding guides for the games they know deserve them.

Artist's interpretation
KNOTS are compact intersections of interlaced material usually used to fasten one thing to another.  Knots is a longtime channer, with origins on 4chan's Technology board and related IRC channels; more recently, he can be found on that chan's Video Game board discussing Elder Scrolls under the trip "!Knots.0HnU".  He had been involved with the now deceased Encyclopedia Dramatica wiki project, and is now an active forum moderator and not-so-active wiki contributor for OhInternet [forums].  Knots is alleged to be from somewhere in New England where he enjoys playing Pokemon and picking on local fat kids.

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Guides: [morrowind], [oblivion], [ocarina of time], [4chan]

Yeah, sure
LUSIT is a 12 year old boy from New Jersey.  He enjoys long walks on the beach and lazy days.  His best features are his ass and his eyes.  He is interested in women who are tall, skinny, and preferably pubescent.  No coloreds.

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ROBERTPAULSON is a retired TF2 player who, after being banned from many servers for alleged aim-hacking and general harassment of admins, fell deep into the bottomless pit that is Morrowind modding. He originally intended to compete with Knots' Morrowind guide with his own modding companion, Morrowind++, but decided to abandon the project because most of his mod list was ripped off of Knots' guide anyway and was nowhere near as popular.  He has since taken a second vidya wife after discovering S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl with whom he loves tenderly till this day and obsessively studies the secrets of the famous AMK mod.

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