Saturday, January 15, 2011

Head Mounted Displays, Head Trackers, and Morrowind

Many of my friends share my love for Morrowind, and one of those friends showed me a site full of "future-esque" tech (though the site was quite paradoxically poorly designed).

Head mounted displays are quite novel, but coupled with a head-tracking device, one could be transformed into the most immersive setup for 1st person games like Morrowind. This is hardly breaking news, I know. After checking out some of the mind blowing tech on the site, however, we had to know if anyone else was thinking the way we were in terms of HMDs, head trackers, and MW. Amazingly, someone with access to all of this tech had put an awesome video up on youtube to demonstrate.

I have to say, I'd prefer to play sitting, and would probably continue to use KB+M or 360 controller for basic movement. The head tracking would simply be for the sake of immersion, not to be used as the main turning input. A higher resolution HMD would of course be preferable as well (seems to me he's running the game at x480), but even with this guy's budget pair of goggles, his setup is enviable. No idea why he doesn't use noglow, though.


  1. I, like you, prefer playing it like it's meant to be played, with my trusty keyboard and mouse.

    Oh, and I got my new computer hardware, so I hope that solves the low FPS problem I told you about earlier. Don't have the DVD reader plugged in yet though, so can't really test it. I'm probably going to wait until you get all those permissions and make that installer.

    Thanks again!

  2. I think the big advantage of this, to me, would be the potential ability (for future games, that is) to move your head independently of what you're holding, so you're not turning your whole body and pointing your weapons there just to look at, say, a sign.