Monday, February 21, 2011

A Valley Without Wind New Video Released

A Valley Without Wind

On the 18th, a new video for Arcen's upcoming PC-exclusive (by upcoming I mean "we started work on this about a month ago"), along with a lot of information. Christopher Park posted on his personal blog about new features he put into A Valley Without Wind, including new characters, more RPGish progression in the game, a more fluid battle system, and graphical updates such as improved particle effects and shadows.

The graphical quality of this game has improved in leaps and bounds in the last several weeks and it is only going to get prettier, developing further the muddy, watery paint-like art style Arcen has chosen for their game. The 3 videos released for "A Valley Without Wind" can be found here, here, and here.

For any of you that haven't heard about a Valley Without Wind (which I presume is most of you), it is a randomly-generated survival-ish Action-RPG set in a post-Ice Age society, which apparently has lots of wind and robots shaped like skeletons... with magic and permadeath. As I mentioned previously, Arcen has put about a month of work into this, and their progress thus far is staggering. They've released progress updates nearly every week in addition to having tons of interviews and other publicity-raising events that help us keep up with the progress of the game.

Notice the music. Pablo Vega, their composer, is immensely talented. He has the ability to compose both extremely catchy and impressive melodic pieces, with a wide range of instruments and styles.

The Arcen Games page for "A Valley Without Wind" can be found here, and the page that detailed the newest additions to the game can be found here.


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